What’s Your Source?

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Are you tired? Exhausted? Either physically, mentally or emotionally? We all have been there at some point in life.

This season at Capernwray Harbour I am at the place where I am just tired. I was recently reminded (again) through scripture, ‘Where do I draw my energy from every day? What gives me motivation to get up in the morning and live?’ As an extrovert, I always want to be around people, to draw energy and motivation to get things done in my life. The more people, the merrier. Yet when I am not around people I ‘feel’ like I am alone, unproductive and I end up wasting my time on social media or watching shows.

The problem with relying on things like people or our favourite food for strength and motivation is that these ‘things’ are temporary. People change, taste buds change, seasons change, people break their promises –  consistency is rare and on it goes. The only ‘thing’, the only Person who does not change is Jesus Christ Himself.

Our feelings, thoughts and emotions change all the time. Day by day, hour by hour, our feelings change because the circumstances around us change. The Truth of Jesus Christ remains the same.

Our soul (mind, will & emotions) needs to submit to the Spirit of Jesus Christ. When we don’t submit to the Spirit, it can cause division which can lead to pain.

In a world filled with uncertainties and rapid changes, it can be challenging to find stability and security. Everything seems to be in constant motion, leaving us feeling overwhelmed and seeking something steady to anchor our lives to. Thankfully, we have a firm foundation that never wavers – Jesus Christ Himself.

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” – Heb 13: 8

This powerful verse speaks of His unchanging nature, His timeless love and unfailing promises. In a world where everything seems to shift, Jesus remains consistent, faithful and reliable. We need to seek Him every day so we receive from Him the motivation and the encouragement that sustains us in our day-to-day tasks. Our dependency on Him, not only honors and glorifies Him but allows us to experience His work and faithfulness in our lives.

Jesus has designed us to function with Him in us and as we continue to rely on His unchanging character, His activity is evident in and through our lives.

Friend, in this ever-changing world, are you willing to draw from Jesus, the Source of this unchanging and unshakable Life?

Today, let us reflect on His constant nature and in turn become vessels of His love, hope and grace not only to a world that desperately needs Him but to one another as well.

By: Jeremy Thudian

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