Capernwray Harbour Bible School APPLY NOW FOR FALL BIBLE SCHOOL!
Come experience a full school year of the transforming power of His indwelling Life. Discover through the study and meditation in God's Word, in daily experience, and in community, the dynamics of leadership through servanthood.
To all alumni: join us March 15–30, 2019 on a journey of Bible teaching, sightseeing, fellowship and reflection on the Lord! Come with us as we travel through Egypt and Israel to experience God's Word right in its historical and geographic context.
Capernwray Harbour welcomes applications for the volunteer seasonal staff team. The full orientation of service allows for personal spiritual growth in the context of Christian community. Volunteers are in a mentoring relationship where faith is nurtured and ministry has expression.
Student Sponsorship SPONSOR A STUDENT
Partner with us today by donating through Sponsorship is a special kind of giving that creates a relationship between you and the Capernwray Harbour Bible School community!

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