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  • I’ve been accepted to attend Bible School for 2024-25. Is there more detailed info available for me?
  • What is the application deadline for entrance to Capernwray Harbour?

    There is no specific deadline for applications. Rather, we have a certain number of spots available for male and female students. Once these places are filled, we will begin to waitlist applications. Acceptance for the following Fall begins each November. The earlier a completed application is received the better one’s chances of not having to deal with a waitlist situation.

  • What are your prerequisites for acceptance?

    Our number one prerequisite when considering a student’s application for Bible study is that the student desires to attend Bible School and wants to learn and grow in their relationship and understanding of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Additionally, we require that Canadian students have graduated from high school and will be at least 18 years of age within the calendar year the Bible School Year begins. In the case of joining for the Winter/Spring Semester, the applicant must be 18 years of age before January 1st of the Semester of study.

    Non-Canadian students must have graduated from high school and be 18 years of age by the start of the Bible School year/semester for which they are applying.

    See also “Do I need to be proficient in English for acceptance?”

  • Do I need to be proficient in English for acceptance?

    All students enrolled whose first or primary language is not English must demonstrate a solid grasp of spoken and written English. This ensures a successful, positive and enriching experience for the student as all classes are taught in English.

    Bible School applicants are not required to verify academic credentials related to English language proficiency but are rather assessed by way of the written application process and subsequent follow-up phone calls/conversations and communication with the Bible School Registrar before acceptance into the Bible School Programme. Based on these assessments, suitability for the programme will be determined, and the applicant will be advised of their acceptance status.

  • What kind of Visa do I need if I am not Canadian?

    All non-Canadian Students must obtain a study permit for their time at Bible School. Students must include Capernwray Harbour’s Designated Learning Institute Number (DLI#) and associated DLI name, as follows:

    DLI Name: Torchbearers Capernwray Canada Society
    DLI#: O19361274462

    Americans can apply for this at the time and port of entry into Canada; appropriate documentation is required. All other international students must make an application for their study permits through their nearest Canadian Embassy or Consulate or online at The application process takes from six to eight weeks. A Canadian study permit costs $150 CAD (subject to change).

    For further information, please refer to the CIC (Citizenship & Immigration Canada) website or contact Capernwray Harbour’s Bible School Registrar Department.

  • What should I pack?
  • Is there a dress code? What are the guidelines?

    Men and ladies are expected to wear ‘casual clean’ clothes on Sundays to local church meetings and to wear dresses/skirts/dress pants (ladies) or dress pants and a jacket or sweater, shirt & tie (men) to Sunday supper and Sunday evening worship meetings. This is an outward expression of our reverence and worship to the Lord as we begin a new week together as a Body before Him.

  • Can I bring a vehicle to Capernwray Harbour?

    Students are welcome to bring a vehicle to Bible School.  There are parking lots near each accommodation where vehicles can be parked.  If deciding to bring a vehicle that is registered out-of-province, it is advised to check with one’s insurance company for details on coverage.

  • How many people share a dorm or room and what do the accommodations include?

    Four to six female students are accommodated in either a room in Preedy Lodge or a Preedy Hamlet cottage.

    Up to seven male students are accommodated in each of the Upper Cottages.

  • What are the meals like at Capernwray Harbour? Is there a cafeteria?

    The Capernwray Harbour Food Services Department follows Canada’s Food Guide for menu planning. Most foods are prepared fresh each day while incorporating a supply of fresh vegetables and fruits. There is a great variety within the menu.

    We have an excellent kitchen staff team who love their work, which is evident in how and what they serve. Meals are served ‘family-style’ at tables for six. There is no assigned seating in the dining rooms.

    Although we can accommodate most food allergies for an additional surcharge, our kitchen area is not an allergen-free facility. Before Registration Day, all special diets are processed through the Bible School Registrar Department.

  • Do you have laundry facilities and is bedding provided in the accommodations?

    There are several coin-operated washing machines and dryers available in the laundromat on campus. Loonies ($1 coins) can be purchased from the office or onsite store. All washing machines use liquid laundry detergent. There is also a limited supply of hangers provided in each accommodation.

    Bedding is provided, including pillows and a comforter. If students bring their own personal bedding from home, it will be each individual’s responsibility to launder them regularly. Capernwray Harbour Bible School linen is washed on a regular rotation. Students do need to bring a sleeping bag for weekend trips, which can double as a quilt on their beds.

  • Do you have a scholarship fund or financial assistance?

    We are committed to assisting individuals with financing options and are happy to offer a variety of payment plans to accommodate various needs.

  • How much spending money should I budget for the year at Capernwray Harbour?

    We suggest you budget $250-$300 CAD per month for Bible School. This covers personal expenses such as ferry tickets, laundry, toiletries, entertainment, transportation, school breaks, optional outreach opportunities, etc.

  • How do I pay the fees in Canadian dollars if I live outside of Canada?

    We accept VISA, VISA Debit, MasterCard and Amex, bank transfers, e-transfers/Wise and cash. When considering the larger tuition fee payments due at Registration, please ensure you know your daily/monthly charge or withdrawal limits to avoid unforeseen surprises. You should advise your credit card company of the amount that will be processed, specifically on Registration Day.

  • My family and friends want to make a payment toward my tuition. How do they do that?

    The full tuition amount is considered a charitable donation for income tax purposes for Canadians. This applies to anyone who makes a tuition payment on a Capernwray Harbour student’s behalf. Send your family, friends & church family the form below.

  • Do I need health insurance? What do you recommend?

    All non-Canadians are eligible for the Province of BC’s universal health care plan, Medical Services Plan of BC. Due to the accessibility, cost and coverage benefits, MSP is the preferred insurance for Capernwray Harbour’s non-Canadian students. MSP requires a three-month waiting period, during which time private insurance is available for emergency medical coverage. The total cost of medical insurance for the Bible School year is approximately $700 CAD (subject to change).

  • Are there medical facilities nearby?

    There is a hospital and medical clinic in Chemainus, a short ferry ride from Thetis Island and within walking distance of the ferry terminal.  Students should plan to have a personal supply of vitamins, medication and general pain relievers.  Some of these items are available in our on-site store and can be purchased from various pharmacies in Chemainus.  Students should have any medical or dental investigations done at home before Bible School if there are concerns ahead of time.  There is a 911 First Responders team on Thetis Island in case of a medical emergency.

  • How much does the ferry cost?

    BC Ferries prices are subject to change. Please review current ferry prices at BC Ferries.

  • Do I need a mobile phone, tablet and/or computer?

    Students can use a notebook/binder or a laptop/tablet to take notes based on personal preference. All assignments will be submitted and marked digitally using Moodle’s online platform. Students will need to have an appropriate computer or tablet (Mac or PC) available for the duration of the Bible School programme. Cell phones are not an appropriate device for this purpose. Wi-Fi internet access is available in our Lecture Hall and Study Loft areas during set student hours. Further details will be available at Registration. Check with your local mobile service provider for plans and service coverage for cellphone service.

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