Bible School Overview

Discovery, Growth and Transformation

Discover God’s Word

Each year, Capernwray Harbour’s Bible School welcomes about 100 students of various ages, nationalities and denominations. Together with our staff, students form a community that seeks to discover the character of Jesus Christ and to experience the transforming power of His indwelling Life.


Personal Discovery through Discipleship

We offer a unique mix of indoor and outdoor classes, incorporating our uniquely beautiful natural surroundings into the Bible School experience. We can’t place a grade on the work that Christ is doing in a person’s heart, which is why our programme focuses on personal discovery through discipleship rather than academic achievement.

  • Classroom

    The Bible School curriculum covers roughly 75% of the books of the Bible and emphasis is placed on personal discovery through discipleship rather than on academic achievement.

  • Workday

    Each Wednesday, students and staff work together to care for the grounds and facilities. From feeding the farm animals to landscaping and gardening, Workdays are a healthy and refreshing change of pace.

  • Daily Duties

    Each student contributes to community life by performing daily chores like setting tables or general cleaning. It’s a great way to learn how individual actions impact the whole community.

  • Sunday Evenings

    We begin the week together with a formal celebration of God’s goodness to us. Students dress in semi-formal attire, attend a beautiful dinner, and join together to praise God through song and lessons learned from the teaching of the Bible during the week.

  • Intramural Sports

    Much of what students discover in class during Bible study is put into practice outside of the classroom. Recreational sports like floor hockey, volleyball, basketball and soccer foster community and build relationships.

  • Outreach Ministries

    There are a variety of outreach contexts at Capernwray Harbour where the students can participate in learning to love and serve those in the wider world. 

  • Ventures

    Ventures take students out to explore some of the most breathtaking locations on Canada’s West Coast. This a great opportunity to get to know fellow students and witness Jesus Christ as He is revealed in creation!


Life at Capernwray Harbour

At Capernwray Harbour, we live and learn together in community. Our students are fully immersed in hands-on learning, gaining valuable new skills and personal disciplines. There are so many opportunities built into our schedule for deeper spiritual learning and practice.


A Year at Capernwray Harbour

Discover important dates, and view samples of the entire school year at a glance along with weekly schedules.


What does it cost?

Find out all the details and tips on how much Bible School costs and when payments are due.


Explore Bible School with Our One-Week, Live-in Programme

Designed for potential students to experience life as a student for one week, Taste and See offers Bible teaching and community living in a beautiful oceanfront location. Be immersed in daily life, taking part in lectures, meals, Workday, student events, daily duties and outreaches, all while getting to know Christ as Life.


Put Truth into Action in Your Life

Second year students in the Leadership Training Programme, discover and learn through the study and meditation in God’s Word, in daily experience and in community, the dynamic of leadership through servanthood; learning to think through “why we believe what we believe”; learning to know Christ in the power of His indwelling resurrection Life. Leadership is by influence, not merely by position. This group of 20 or fewer students is mentored and discipled through their training time by resident staff.

frequently asked questions


Looking for more information about our Bible School? Find answers to frequently asked questions, and get ready for a transformative experience.

  • The most important thing I learned is that Christ lives in me and I can’t live the Christian life on my own. On that basis I learned a lot about surrendering EVERYTHING to Him, trusting God, making Him my real priority in life, being transformed by Him and how essential my personal relationship to Him is.

  • At Bible School, I learned that Christianity is a relationship that is personal and intimate and enables me to actually live out what I am called to as a child of God.

  • A significant lesson I have learned through the word is what being set apart by God looks like in daily life.

  • The most significant thing I have learnt this past year is that it’s never about me, but God working in and through me. He is my strength and I cannot do anything without Him! 

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