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Training for Christian Service

Truth is Found in Jesus Christ

From the book of Genesis to Revelation, God has carefully explained the Truth about His Son, Jesus Christ, and how we might come to have a living relationship with Him. At Capernwray Harbour, we expect that students will discover this Truth, so that they in turn will be able to introduce others to a vital relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Capernwray Harbour Bible School curriculum covers roughly 75% of the books of the Bible and although students are required to prepare some written assignments, the emphasis is placed on personal discovery through discipleship rather than on scholarship or academic achievement in Bible study courses. We can’t place a grade on the work that Christ is doing in a person’s heart!


Students discover so much during the lectures that remembering it all becomes difficult! Our goal in having journal assignments is to help students think through what they’re learning and provide a valuable reminder of the Truth in God’s Word for years to come, long after graduation.

Journals are essentially a 2-3 typed-page summary of the principles taught in the classroom.  The journals are then submitted online to each student’s designated journal marker for accountability.  Journals are not graded with a percentage mark; God always stresses relationship over religious achievement.  In this way, students are encouraged in their relationship with Christ through personal discipleship, emphasizing practical application and personal growth.

Study Projects

It’s one thing to sit in a classroom and absorb good teaching, it’s quite another thing to graduate from that level by learning to study the Bible and begin to teach others. Study Projects in Home Groups enable students to do just that!

Each student receives personal training (from a staff member or Leadership Training Student) in how to study the Bible so that they might learn to hear God’s instructions in His Word and in turn, teach others. These student Study Projects are then presented in a small Bible study group in staff homes with about 12 other students present. Each year, students are surprised to discover that it doesn’t matter what their academic abilities are but that God reveals Himself in a profound degree to anyone humble enough to listen to Him!


Seminar discussion groups are another great opportunity for students to process the Truth about Jesus Christ. Each Seminar group is hosted by staff in staff homes, facilitated by Leadership Training Students, and attended by about 12 other students.

The discussion is based in the Gospel of Luke, and the small group dynamic allows each person to ask any questions that arise from the text. The goal is not merely scholarship or knowledge but a deeper understanding of the Lord Jesus so that students grow profoundly in their personal relationship with Him.


Ventures are an invitation to explore some of the world’s most beautiful land and seascapes, unparalleled in ecological variety and diversity. There is something for everyone from the mountaintops to the rainforests to the open sea!

Venture trips vary in intensity from rigorous to purely relaxational. Transportation, food, equipment, and instructor/guides are included; all you may need to bring (or borrow) is a backpack, sleeping bag and personal items. Devotionals and discussions will be led each day by your guide for the purpose of “Directing your heart toward Jesus”…the focal point of the Bible School year! Each student will have the opportunity to choose one of these weekend trips at Registration. First come, first served!

The Intent of the Ventures

The first priority is that Jesus Christ is acknowledged and responded to in faith and obedience as He is revealed in creation, in the written Word and in fellowship and relationship with one another.

Secondly, the Venture trips provide an excellent opportunity to get to know fellow students and enter into “life in the body” in the context of Bible School at Capernwray Harbour. Meaningful relationships are formed as individuals discover unity in Christ and begin to appreciate His promised harmony.

Thirdly, these trips offer an incredible invitation to explore some of the world’s most beautiful land and seascapes. British Columbia, particularly Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands, is unparalleled in ecological variety and diversity.

“For many, the Ventures trips serve as a milestone in the year, a reference point of sorts. These trips are definitely one of the many highlights of the year at Capernwray Harbour! Opportunities like these don’t come along every day.” – Chris Fordham

Venture Trip Options

Mt. Washington

Nothing too strenuous. Stay in a comfortable mountainside condo, which you will use as a base from which day treks will be taken. Later, graduate to Forbidden Plateau and Paradise Meadows where pristine mountain lakes make for an unforgettable scenic walking tour. In the evening, hang out back at the condo. Enjoy group meals and activities with newly made friends…the other students!

Mount Albert Edward

If you don’t mind a good sweat, this backpacking expedition will lead you across rock and ice fields to the summit of Strathcona Park. Before the rigorous final ascent, camp by a lake and check out the view! (Not for the faint of heart!)

Horne Lake Caves

Slip into the underground world of Vancouver Island’s premier cave network. Waterfalls, stalagmites and bats await you under the surface. Camp on the shores of Horne Lake and enjoy a caving experience!

Long Beach Surfing

Canada’s extreme West Coast awaits you. Here you will have the opportunity to enjoy board and body surfing, walks through nature, camping and just hanging out.

Bungy Jumping / Adventure Course

Just one hour from Capernwray Harbour is the first licensed Bungy Bridge in North America.  Camping, BBQs, beach volleyball, Bungy Jumping, the Ultimate Swing and the Treego Adventure high ropes course await you!

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