The Word Still Speaks Power for Pressures

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Isaiah 40:29-31.
He gives strength to the weary and power to the weak…but those who…(wait on) the Lord will renew their strength.

They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

Weary and faint! Now that’s a very grim picture…and we’re not just talking about older people either.

This condition is natural and common to people of all ages.

The stress-causers of life are huge: job losses, retirement losses, property losses, mounting bills, not enough income for daily living…the list goes on.
Due to fear of deteriorating conditions of a global economy…while many increase in wealth in the midst of also countless human tragedies, many, both younger and older alike become “weary and faint” (weary…feeling worn right out, tired…very tired; faint—extremely exhausted, overwhelmed).

– People are giving out and giving up in growing numbers. But that is not necessarily bad…if “giving up” means relying not on mere human efforts but seeking to be waiting upon the LORD.

Waiting? We cannot wait!

– Waiting is the last thing most people are inclined to do. Many are running around…even frantically…doing everything they can to “just keep body and soul together”. Yes, “more and faster” often seems to be the only way to even survive!

– The result is common to all – many becoming “weary and faint” and God’s Word to them is also practical and clear. It’s an invitation to start living on His resources instead of our own! His are inexhaustible and our own run out quickly and often even come to an end while we still are in need!

Why not come to Him from and through Whom you will be satisfied, finding that revitalizing, lasting, durable and imperishable quality of Life for which actually every soul longs?!

Thank Him in advance as you take the next steps in the power of the Eternal One, the Lord Jesus Christ Who longs to share this, His Life with you! Others too will come to you and drink of His water of Life and be filled.

He promised and invited you. He is ready to make this happen in your life!

Come to Him and believe…no matter of what religion or denomination you are! He’s calling and waiting to satisfy your deepest longing…without disappointment!

Charlie Fordham
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