Running so as to Win

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Running the race that’s set in front of us; keeping sight of the Goal well ahead of us at the end of the race; Staying in your own track …all absolutely essential ingredients in this “victorious process” of getting what was promised to us in finishing the race strong! God Himself has Personally promised that to us!

Instruction from the LORD for every step of the race, trusting Him that He knows and provides all the time …not only for the things behind us and those things in our lives today within us …BUT for those things in advance in the “tomorrows” of our race! These aspects have the most value in finishing the race when this life is over and being called by the Lord Jesus Himself as He ushers us into His Kingdom with the words “WELL DONE, “ good and faithful servant! Enter into the joy of your Lord”! Suddenly we will be present with the Lord and will be in a new place; with new bodies and all will be new around us except with the Lord Jesus Christ Himself!

The LORD says through the Prophet Jeremiah that “the wise person should not boast in their wisdom. The strong person should not boast in their strength and the person who has more than those around them (the definition of “rich”) should not boast of being rich! (Ch.9:23-24) There IS reason to boast and that is that they know and understand Him …amazing …that they can know and understand Jehovah Himself!

All boasting is not audible. Much of it is spoken in silence by way of “attitude of pride” and so I’ll call that “the loud silence of our thought world”; false high opinions of ourselves and false assumptions of always having “more than others” or at least “more than enough” – “self confidence” which is generated by the inaudible subtlety of pride! The LORD however, can and does both read and hear it all! He also hears and reads the boasting we do “in the LORD”.

Listen to what the LORD says through Jeremiah His Prophet (transliteration mine) “if you’re going to boast, boast in this, that you have an understanding through knowing Me personally in your experience”! This should be seen in ways of showing kindness as typifies your response to both the friend and stranger, the companion and your enemy. This is what He, the LORD does for that is who He “IS”.

The LORD says He exercises true justice and righteousness to everyone on earth. This is what brings delight to Him. This is the declaration of the LORD! Jeremiah 9:23-24. He listens to (not just hears) what every one has to say …in word and attitude! Scripture tells us also that eventually we will be judged also not only by what we say or what we think, but also what we “say” in our motives and intentions”! He is merciful and generously kind in His “grace” (His “favour”). He always will be!

This race for each of us ends when we leave this body whether through death or at the moment of His coming to take us up forever to be with Him!

Let’s make sure we are ready for the end of the race because you never know which of the many events along the way will be the last. You also never know at what moment the Lord will return …or if in some other way. The goal during our time on earth is that, for us as His children, to be praised by Him in that we have come to increasingly “know and understand” HIM in daily living! We boast of His goodness and mercy and favour because He has made us to know and understand Him!!!

When we see Him in all His splendour and majesty …when He says to you and me “WELL DONE Good and Faithful servant! Enter into the Joy set before you” That’s when we will have “truly arrived”!

As Paul told people he trained, that while in a race there are many who run, only one wins the race. Therefore he says each runner should run so as to win.

Keep your eyes on the goal! Stay in your track and let others run in theirs!

By: Charlie Fordham

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