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The Outdoor Education packages at Capernwray Harbour are extremely popular. As a guest or leader, this section helps you to get quick answers to any questions for your visit.

  • How will this programme support or reinforce our programme/context?

    We work with each group to customize every aspect of the programme, considering their specific dynamics, goals, and needs. Our programmes are built on timeless and relevant “life principles” focusing on community, team building, communication, leadership, and problem-solving (amongst other things!). These life principles directly apply to every context in life one might find themselves in (family, school, the workplace etc.) and their benefits are immeasurable!

  • What kind of experience/qualification does the Capernwray Harbour programme staff have?

    Our facilitators love their job, and it shows! Each facilitator has training and experience appropriate to the activity level they are responsible for (incl. but not limited to First Aid, CPR, Life Guarding, Belay Ticket, Power Boat Operators Certificate, Ropes Course Experience, etc.). Our facilitators participate in ongoing in-house and on-site training specific to our programme and facilities.

  • What can I tell others about your Outdoor Education Programmes?

    Our programmes are based on discovery and application (it’s “Hands ON experiential learning!”) and intended to inspire personal growth. We believe everyone has a lot to learn and a lot to offer. The mind, body and spirit will be challenged. Individuals will be encouraged to step out of their “comfort zone” (in safe contexts), engage in experiences that will impact perspective, and lend to productive/beneficial responses in life. Participants will have much fun learning new things, making friends and soaking up the natural beauty and peaceful surroundings.

  • Are the Capernwray Harbour Outdoor Programme activities dangerous?

    We are committed to the highest safety standards in all our programmes, which is our priority. Our policies and procedures for training, maintenance and replacement are above industry standards and our track record is excellent. Although a certain amount of “risk” is inherent to recreational activities, the amount of “real” risk is minimal. The element of “perceived” risk is a beneficial part of the personal challenge and growth process and is not equal to “real” or “actual” risk that would place a person in imminent danger. We have various creative and unique programming facilities and our programmes cater to persons of most ages, fitness levels and abilities. All programmes are customized to meet the dynamics and goals of each group. There is something for everyone!

  • How long are your programmes?

    The Outdoor Education Programmes range from day trips with no overnights to multi-day fully facilitated programmes including all meals, snacks, accommodations with bedding and facilitator(s). Most common are our one-night and two-night programmes (see sample programmes/schedules).

  • Do you have a minimum number for group bookings?

    Group bookings and group rates are available to groups regardless of size, subject to the availability of accommodation, facilities and facilitators. It has been our pleasure to work with groups ranging in size from 5 to 150.

  • What age groups are the Outdoor Education Programme suited for?

    Typically between grade 5 (10 yrs old) to 60 years old. Most of our programmes are for middle school and high school. The majority are between grades 5 to 12. We also offer our programmes to companies or adult groups who wish to participate in teamwork/communication workshops. Our programmes have no official age restriction, although not all activities suit all ages.

  • What are the Capernwray Harbour accommodations like?
  • What equipment/clothing should we bring to Capernwray Harbour?

    All equipment and gear related to the programme activities is provided for you. There is no need to purchase any additional equipment for your programme. Bring clothing (and a change or two) appropriate for outdoor activity (clothing that may get wet and will get dirty). A rain jacket (just in case) is a good idea and a warm sweater/jacket for the evening at the Campfire etc. Bring your personal toiletry items and a towel. Towels are not provided except for in the Main Hall Guest Suites. A water bottle is suggested. Footwear other than sandals or flip flops (with a closed toe that laces up) is necessary for all activity courses.

  • What is the role of parent/teacher chaperones in the programme?

    We believe that the involvement and participation of your parent/teacher chaperones is essential and most beneficial.

    Our facilitators will be responsible for all instruction/orientations, briefings, debriefings, equipment set-up/clean-up, safety checks, scheduled activity supervision, and meal hosting.

    Parent/teacher chaperones are expected to cooperate with and support the instructions given in all programme activities. Parent/teacher chaperones are also expected to supervise participants after hours (bedtime until breakfast) and during any scheduled “free time.” Our staff will look to your group leaders for involvement regarding behavioural issues if they arise. Parent/ Teacher involvement lends to connectivity and continuity of the learning beyond the programme.

  • What if the weather is bad and it is raining?

    Almost all of our programmes can be implemented safely in most weather conditions. A little bit of weather variety often lends to the whole experience. We have many indoor alternatives and backup plans if the weather becomes extreme or unsafe. Participants should come prepared with appropriate clothing for outdoor conditions and mixed weather (clothing that can get wet and dirty and a change or two). A rain jacket is a good idea! Better safe than soppy!

  • For more Outdoor Education programme information:

    To learn more about our Outdoor Education Programmes, please contact our Programme Coordinator, Jeremy Thudian.

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