God’s Goal: “Loving” as my daily Life:

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Recently one of our Capernwray Harbour Staff shared meditations in Scripture on powerful Truth. It was her turn to “open the Word” in one of our weekly Staff Meetings.

As she talked, thought provokingly opening the Word, “giving the sense”, she came to a part which I have asked for liberty to restate as accurately as possible and “permission granted”. Listen to this:

“Oh…” she said as she built the narrative and outline for us, giving insight in the practicality of the Biblical setting …and then a possible application: “ohhhhh, I am supposed to LOVE you! ….mmmmm…. then I won’t mention it when you’ve hurt me, or mistreated me, walked over me, or said harsh words to me”! Is this the interpretation? No not merely that, but rather this passage means that loving others is translated into obviously “forgiving (liquidating the offense …letting it GO) and disregarding the offences of others” as it says in Prov. 10:12 “… but love (in extreme contrast) covers ALL transgressions.” That is precisely what Jesus teaches in Matthew 5-7. He says unless we forgive others unconditionally we will not be forgiven by our Heavenly Father! Loving must be my daily Life!

Then in 1 Peter 1:22, “…you have (in obeying the truth) purified your (own) souls for a sincere love of brothers and sisters in Christ, fervently love one another from the heart.” In other words, fervently (with intensity of deliberate attitude and action) act on this firstly in your hearts and then live it out to those who need that forgiveness and what God calls “LOVE”.

He indicates clearly there that is the quality of living, that demonstrates the divine energizing, indwelling, resurrection Life of Jesus Christ is our Life!

In 1 Cor. 13:4 this love is also described as the characteristics of patience, kindness, not jealous, never bragging nor arrogant. Love is only able to be demonstrated in humility and this therefore is the evidence that we are humble and not proud!

YES! The Word STILL Speaks!

By: Charlie Fordham

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