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Excited, expectant, challenged, and even a little fearful – words describing how we felt as the ferry glided toward the dock at Thetis Island. The sun, warm and bright, danced on the water…the peaceful setting of the school in the distance …trees and flowers scattered on green lawns…all warmly inviting us to “come.” Here we would spend 9 months at Capernwray Bible School. We desired to learn more about God’s story in fellowship with others and spend time in his word. We were moving from 25 years in Toronto where we had come to know a living and personal relationship with our lord Jesus. Our family had grown up and we were leaving a busy and hurried lifestyle and coming to a place where we saw God’s character imprinted everywhere. We hoped we would come to understand more about the life of Jesus within.

As students, God’s story from Genesis to Revelation became an exciting adventure. We were shown how to recognize His character and the person of Christ all through His stories. They came together in unexpected and surprising ways we had not understood before. Sometimes in fellowship with Him, we were reminded and strengthened through lessons from days gone by. Other times He stretched us by the surprise of new challenges. We often saw Him use unlikely, broken people and situations for His purposes… their hearts simply available to Him.

What did all this mean? Do we fully understand yet? God was opening our hearts wider to receive His love, grace and mercy. He was giving us greater understanding of His gift of love, forgiveness, forgiving others, tastes of His suffering, His call to obedience and sacrifice needed in our relationships with others..…this was all part of His lessons for us everyday.

Water changed to the very best wine (John2:6) – a vivid picture in Christ’s first miracle of His promise of life within, for each one of us. His gift of new wine – His life, new sight, everlasting hope and eternal rest…now! What more do we need? As God’s children (John1:12) our assurance comes alive as we come to know and believe the One, Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life (John14:6) Have you thought about what these words of Jesus mean to you? And, what an irony! His “work” is simply for us to believe in Him! (John6:29)

Today, almost 22 years have passed since we arrived to attend Bible School. Our retirement years became God’s Adventure! This year my husband went to be with our Lord Jesus. Knowing who he is with has brought comfort and peace to these days. Another school year will soon begin and I will have the privilege to pray for those who come on the ferry to learn more about Jesus Christ.

By: Anne Snyder

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