Bible School

Community Life

Jesus Christ is the Head of His Body

Each year the students and staff at Capernwray Harbour learn what it means to surrender to His Lordship and experience the unity which only He can give. The majority of our students are 18 to19 years old, but some have come in their seventies! They have come from all across North America, Europe and Australia.

Many other international students have come to Capernwray Harbour from South and Central America, Africa and Asia. Students come from different denominational backgrounds and yet we focus on worshipping Christ together, these differences become a celebration of the degree of God’s creativity.


At Capernwray Harbour we live and learn together in community. Community living is a wonderful platform for hands on learning and practical application. Workday is one such platform.

Principles and standards relating to stewardship, leadership, communication, work ethics and many more interpersonal skills are realized in this way. Students and faculty work together to look after the garden. God has placed us to serve one another in direct response to what He has done and is doing in our hearts. This is where we put our spiritual learning into action.

During Workday, students receive instruction and supervision from staff as they learn valuable new skills and personal disciplines. Workday takes place every Wednesday from 8:45am to 4:30pm, and involves a full day of labour on campus. Areas of work include lawns and gardens, woodshop, farm, kitchen, housekeeping, outdoor facilities maintenance and office tasks. Groups rotate every 4 weeks to give students the opportunity to be involved in a variety of areas over the course of the year. Workdays are a healthy and refreshing change of pace from classroom coursework, and places individuals together who might not otherwise have the privilege of getting acquainted.  Workday provides an opportunity for further learning through practical application.


Daily duties

Each student contributes to community life by performing a daily chore that takes about 45 minutes to complete. Daily duties include anything from setting tables for meals, to doing dishes after meals, to cleaning the common lounge areas and bathrooms. In this way, each student learns that their individual actions affect the whole body for better or worse! Daily duties are one of the most significant ways that students learn to practice the principles of servanthood that they’ve discovered in the classroom.

Sunday evenings at Capernwray Harbour

Each Sunday we begin the week together with a formal celebration of God’s goodness to us. Students dress in semi-formal attire, and attend a beautiful dinner prepared by our cooks. Afterward, students and staff join together in the Lecture Hall for a formal meeting that focuses on the character of God through reading Scripture, singing, and sharing. Each year, the students find that Sunday evenings are a highlight of the Bible School since they have the opportunity to publicly share what the Lord Jesus has been teaching them personally through His Word. It’s a chance to come before the Lord Jesus as His Body and worship Him together.

Intramural sports

Much of what students discover in Bible Study in a classroom setting is reinforced in the context of relationships with one another outside the classroom. Recreation is one great way to build community. Intramural sports and other recreational events take place on a regular basis throughout the Bible School year. It’s good, clean, wholesome fun! Sports include floor hockey, volleyball (indoor and sand), basketball, soccer and more.