Capernwray Outdoor Education Testimonials


Each year at MEI Middle School the highlight of Grade 7 is undoubtedly the outdoor educational experience we have at Camp Capernwray on Thetis Island.

I have visited the camp for the past six years with large groups of students. Students are always impressed by the food, the lodging, the beauty of the surroundings and the activities that Capernwray's staff provide.

The whole experience for students and parents/teachers is seamless. What I appreciate about the camp is how busy the students are kept. There are very few discipline problems because they are so engaged in the program, and there is no problem convincing them to go to sleep!

Another benefit to the kids is the friendships that develop throughout the week at camp. All the activities encourage teamwork rather than individual glory; Biblical values runs consistently through teaching.

The remainder of the school year always seems to run smoothly because of the shared experience. We will be returning to Camp Capernwray for many years to come and would recommend the program to anyone.

Joel Nickel
MEI Middle School Teacher


A few brief words cannot possibly describe the impact Capernwray has had on the hundreds of students and chaperones that I have brought over the years.

For the past nine years I have been bringing my grade 6 students to Capernwray to explore educational opportunities not available in our area.

These three busy days also serve to build and strengthen relationships in preparation for the transition from elementary to middle school. Outstanding resource people, food and facilities allow us to cooperatively plan an itinerary that best suits our needs and allows our students to walk away feeling better about themselves and their place in the world.

The respect with which our students are treated, and the positive interactions they have with the staff, make them feel valued and ready for new challenges. Ask any of my students and they'll tell you this was not just the highlight of grade 6, it was the highlight of their elementary school experience.

Colleen Wipf
Teacher, Shannon Lake Elementary School


I have been taking 50 to 80 of my Grade 5 students to Capernwray 's outdoor education program every June for 11 years now.

Over the years the event has become the highlight of the final year at Parkland Elementary School, the highly anticipated and expected culmination of 6 years of formal schooling. Students and parents, from the time they enter our school become aware of "camp" at Thetis Island at the end of it and once in Grade 5 sign up to go eagerly.

The staff at Capernwray take special care of us during the three days we are there each year. They provide excellent, clean accommodations, beautiful grounds and facilities, delicious meals and snacks, do all the washing up and are available to help out in any way to make our stay as memorable as possible.

The outdoor education program is led by knowledgeable and skilled staff who provide a safe and fun environment in which to learn lessons rarely available inside the four walls of a classroom. Students who often have behaviour issues at school suddenly become enthusiastic participants who learn to work together with others to achieve a common goal.

Upon return from camp our students are very different individuals who get along with each other remarkably well. But not only do our students learn, they have fun.

From playing soccer, basketball, volleyball, moonball and ascending the climbing tower to kiss the bar, to canoeing, kayaking, swimming and tubing to just eating ice cream from the Pump House and hanging out with friends, the students have an exciting experience that they never forget.

I still have students from 10 years ago who are now adults come up to me and say that they don't remember much about elementary school, but they do remember camp at Thetis Island. They remember all the fun they had and they all reiterate how nice the staff were. They remember the beauty of the place and the great activities that were planned for them and the parents comment on how well they were served by all the staff.

Indeed, the hallmark of the entire program is the servant leadership that is displayed by the staff of Capernwray that ties the whole event together and keeps our school coming back year after year.

Our school has seen approximately 800 students and parents go to Capernwray over 11 years without a single complaint. I have been blessed to be the one person who has gone all 11 years and I never grow tired of it.

Graham Wright
Parkland Elementary School Coquitlam, BC

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For the past 4 years I have had the privilege of bringing a group of about 130 grade 7 students for Outdoor Education camp at Capernwray on Thetis Island.

Having taken groups like this for almost 20 years, I can confidently say that Capernwray is a first rate facility.

From the facility to the beautiful setting, from the professional, fun and well trained staff to the well organized programs, from the fine dining to the high standards of expectations and respect, I think Capernwray is amazing and will continue to take groups there year after year.

One thing I've really appreciated is the flexibility in programming. As a group of teachers with experience and enthusiasm for running our own program, we've been allowed a great deal of freedom but the Capernwray staff has then been open and available to fill in the gaps with high quality programming of their own. They also have the ability to run the majority of the programming for a group as well.

The activities that have been run by the Chris and his staff are extremely well organized, safe, fun and educational. These have included waterfront, beach walks, Screamer, Team Initiatives course, climbing wall to name a few.

The staff are well trained and really know what they're doing. This really helps the kids feel confident and enjoy the experience.

I also really love the facility. The setting is absolutely spectacular with the ocean, islands, eagles and sunshine. The dining hall, cabins, gym and meeting room have always met our needs and allowed us to do whatever we wanted to do, regardless of the weather.

All in all, this is the best place I've been to for outdoor ed. with a group of students and will continue to come back for years to come.

Grant Wardle
Vice Principal MEI Middle School



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