Capernwray Outdoor Education Glossary of Terms


A group of two or more people working together to achieve a common goal. Assessing goals, identifying priorities and understanding roles are key in this area of growth.


Generally understood as change recognized by increase in some form or fashion. This applies to many things including the physical, mental and emotional. In order for growth to be evaluated there must be a standard or a point of reference to measure against. Discovering the standard and setting priorities accordingly is crucial to this process.

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To influence another person or persons. We all do it! In looking at leadership we will consider various aspects of positive and negative leadership focusing on the results of positive influence or "leadership by example". Discovering the qualities and characteristics of good leadership and understanding the application of influence is of the essence.


There are at least three parts to every communication; there is always a Sender, a Message, and a Receiver. Communication is not always or only verbal! Just because I sent a message does not guarantee it was received as intended. Communication "for others sake" is the principal and increases the likelihood of any message being received as the sender intended and more often brings about the desired or proper response (not always).



Identifying and bringing clarity to the goals, priorities and roles of individual members of a team. "Acknowledging the unity to realize harmony".


Getting involved. Engaging in the experience.


Seeing the same things in a different way.


Personal Growth!

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