Thetis Island Historical Images

Using the links below, you can view images of photographs and paintings of Thetis Island in the British Columbia Archives Web site. These images were made almost a century ago, and represent the first owners of the property and the early settlers of Thetis Island.
All images courtesy of BC Archives collections

Burchill home on Thetis Island, 1922

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Burchell, Thetis Island, 1922

Thetis Island. Mr. Burchill's home and boats, 1922

Private chapel in Mr. Burchell's home on Thetis Island, 1914

Thetis Island barnyard, 1918

Thetis Island, harvesting hay, 1918

Simon Hunter of Thetis Island, 1921

Thetis Island schoolchildren, 1923

Thetis Island horses, 1923

The H. Hunter home on Thetis Island, 1927

The H. Hunter home on Thetis Island under construction, 1927

The H. Hunter home on Thetis Island, nearing completion, 1927

Country House on Thetis Island, for H. Hunter ESQ, painted 1927


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