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Holiday Bible Weeks – Week 3

July 18 – 23, 2021


Stephen Thiessen

Trained at Capernwray Bible School for 2 years seeking to discover the “truth” – Jesus Christ Himself; the God of the Bible and of Eternity, began a life-changing journey for Stephen that would see him learn, grow and serve effectively in the Torchbearer ministry in Canada for nearly 20 years as a student, maintenance assistant, Centre Director, and Resident Lecturer.

God continues to effectively use, equip, and keep Stephen as he simply trusts in the Lord however small or big the task.   As he operates a sustainably grown food farm on Vancouver Island with his wife and five children while pastoring a growing church on Gabriola Island, Stephen’s journey continues to be that of a servant seeing God bring hope to the hopeless, healing to the sick and wholeness to broken lives as the Gospel is lived out and proclaimed.



The book of Exodus is about God taking His people on a journey, despite their many failures and lack of faith.  God was leading His people out of slavery and into victory so that they could be a “kingdom of priests” for HIS namesake.  Leaving Egypt was merely the beginning of a new way of life that would require ‘faith in God’ as the foundation of daily living!

We will look at principles of faith that can be learned from a people who not only saw God move in miraculous ways but who also heard God speak with their own ears!  They would soon come to know that what set them apart was not found in the religion they practiced or the moral perfection for which they strived but rather, in the personal presence of the God Whom they followed. He never leads anyone to a situation for which HIS grace is insufficient.


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