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July 5 – 10, 2020

Holiday Bible Week – Week 1

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Ken Nettleton

Ken and his wife Kimberley arrived at New Life Church in 2014 previously pastoring churches in Calgary, Kamloops and Vancouver.  Ken’s leads the congregation in their mission to proclaim Jesus Christ bear His ministry well beyond the borders of the local church.  Together Ken & Kimberley enjoy leading people with spiritual care through the ups and downs of daily life.

Ken is also a Reservist Padre with the Cdn. Forces.  They have two grown children, both graduates of Capernwray – and one grandson.



Solomon penned three books within our Bible:  one when he was young, one when middle-aged, and one when he was old.

The last, Ecclesiastes, reflects decades of living and the king’s persistent search for the elusive answer to the question, “Do I matter?”  In these studies we will find God answering many questions besides bringing peace and satisfaction!

Within each session, a big lesson will be revealed for practical daily living of this Christian Life.

In these times of deep civil-unrest, God, (in Ecclesiastes) will speak directly to the frustration, fear and restlessness of our day!  In this series we rediscover Christ as surely there is “NOTHING new under the sun” and that God has provided answers of direction for daily living.


Cottage or Lodge Accommodation
Adult – $470
Teen – $410 (age 13-17)
Child – $235 (age 7-12)
Child – $170 (age 4-6)
Infant – $80 (newborn-age 3)
Family max. – $1975 (applied to immediate, dependent family members only)


Guest Suite Accommodation
Adult – $540
Teen – $470 (age 13-17)
Child – $270 (age 7-12)
Family max. – not applied
5% GST to be applied to conference fees

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