Capernwray Outreaches and Spring Break Ministries
Capernwray outreaches are an exciting opportunity for students to learn that Jesus Christ is actively concerned for His world, and is able to effectively use every single person who simply depends upon His power to forgive, heal and restore broken lives. When the Body of Christ functions normally, it's only natural that we reach out to others and share with them the abundant Life which Christ has shared with us.
Capernwray Bible school members enjoy Christian service
There are several different contexts in which the students can graduate from our own little community of Capernwray Harbour to learn to love and serve those outside in the wider world.
Ministry training includes outreach

A Variety of Outreach Programmmes
Some of the outreach programmes are right on Thetis Island, others happen on Vancouver Island. Here are some of the highlights that students can engage in.

Capernwray Children & Teen Ministries

i) Elementary Schools: we have 3 teams of students who visit 3 different Elemenatry Schools on Thetis Island, Penelekut Island (a First Nations Reserve) and in Chemainus (on Vancouver Island). Opportunities include classroom assistance and after-school supervision of children.

ii) Chemainus Neighbourhood House: this is a youth drop-in centre located on Vancouver Island.

Our students give support to the volunteer staff there, and simply hang out with local teens who come on Friday or Saturday nights.

iii) Local churches: Students can also join with local churches as they provide programs for children and youth.

Capernwray Harbour Seniors Ministries

i) Complex Care Unit in Chemainus, Vancouver Island - students visit seniors on a weekly basis for conversation and other social activities.

ii) Community Help on Thetis Island - students spend one afternoon a week helping local residents (mostly seniors) with yardwork that they could not otherwise do themselves. This is a great way to serve others in the love of Christ!

Capernwray Street Ministry

Our students are involved in two aspects of street ministry based out of the Mustard Seed Street Church in Victoria. One part involves walking the streets and talking with various people along the way. The other part involves working with the staff at the Mustard Seed to host those who step inside their doors.

Bible School Spring Break Ministries members engaging in an important part of Bible education

There is an extended Spring Break each March for about 2.5 weeks. At this time, there are several exciting ministry opportunities for Capernwray students. These are optional and each year there is usually both national and international trip options. Though the trips may vary, the goal will always be the same - to share the resurrection Life of Christ!

 Bible school spring break ministries.
Capernwray Bible School students outdoors

What you learn outside the classroom is just as important as what you learn inside! Find out about the gym and sports, going to church, field trips and breaks.

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Capernwray Harbour students in outdoor education, courses for christian leadership

From the mountain-
tops to the rain forests to the open sea, there is something for everyone!

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