Capernwray Harbour Bible School Course Description
Truth is found in Jesus Christ.  From the Bible's Books of Genesis to Revelation, God has carefully explained the truth about His Son, Jesus, and how we might come to have a living relationship with Him. At Capernwray Harbour, we expect that students will discover this Truth, so that they in turn will be able to introduce others to a vital relationship with Christ.
Capernwray Bible School students enjoy a variety of bible courses within the Bible School curriculum.
The Capernwray Bible School Curriculum courses cover roughly 75% of the books of the Bible and although students are required to prepare some written assignments, the emphasis is placed on personal discovery through discipleship rather than on scholarship or academic achievement in Bible study courses.  We can't place a grade on the work that Christ is doing in a person's heart!
Bible Studies students are offered courses with strong spiritual direction emphasizing Christian service

Journals in Classes and Courses
Our faculty find that students discover so much during the Lectures that it becomes difficult to remember it all!  Our goal in having Journal course assignments is to help students think through what they're learning, as well as provide a valuable reminder of the Truth in God's Word for years to come long after graduation.

Journals are essentially a 2-4 page summary of the most important principles taught in the classroom (by both guest and resident faculty).  The Journals are then turned in to faculty for accountability, but are not graded since God always stresses relationship over religious achievements.  In this way, we aim to encourage our students in their relationship with Christ through personal discipleship and an emphasis on practical application.

Study Projects and Bible Study Groups
It's one thing to sit in a classroom and absorb good teaching, it's quite another thing to graduate from that level by learning to study the Bible and begin to teach others.  Bible Study Projects enable students to do just that!

Each student receives personal training (from a staff member or Leadership Training Student) in how to properly study the Bible so that they might learn to hear God's instructions in His Word and in turn, teach others.  These student Study Projects are then presented in a small home Bible Study group, hosted by staff or faculty, with about 12 other students present.  Each year students are surprised to discover that it doesn't matter what their academic abilities are, God is able to reveal Himself in a profound degree to anyone who is humble enough to listen to Him!

Capernwray Harbour Bible School—Seminars

Seminar discussion groups are another great opportunity students have to process the Truth about Jesus Christ. Each Seminar group is hosted by a staff or faculty member, facilitated by a Leadership Training Student, and attended by about 12 other students. The discussion is based in the Gospel of John, and the small group dynamic allows each person to ask any questions that arise out of the text. The goal is not merely scholarship, or knowledge, but a deeper understanding of the Lord Jesus so that each student might grow to a profound degree in their personal relationship with Him.

 An important Bible School theme is spiritual formation
Capernwray Director and students embarking on temple tour.

Capernwray Harbour Bible School—Field Trips

Nothing is more memorable than first hand experience and so there are two exciting opportunities for travel built right into the course curriculum.

i) Missions Fest, a weekend conference held in Vancouver each January, draws about 200 mission organizations from around the world, as well as about 33 000 participants over the course of the weekend.  Our students have the opportunity to serve behind the scenes during the course of the Conference, as well as take the time to talk with missionaries from around the world to get a better idea of in what manner, and to what degree, they, too, could become involved in missions.

ii) Temple Tours in April of each year, are another unique learning opportunity for our student body.  Vancouver is a cosmopolitan city centre with every major world religion represented.  Our students, accompanied by our full-time staff, are toured through a Hindu Temple, Buddhist Temple, Sikh Temple and Muslim Mosque, in order to become better acquainted with these religions for the purpose of personal evangelism in the future, after they graduate. 

Our Capenrwray property has a huge variety of amenities.

Click to view the Capernwray Bible Centre property map. With 97 acres of woodlands, beaches, lawns, playing fields, gardens...

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Bible School student enjoying bible study course, an integral part of the curriculum.

The entire Bible School curriculum at a glance, from arrival in September to Graduation in May.

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Capernwray Bible School students at leisure activities

What happens in a normal Bible School day? How do I dress? What do I do in my free time? What are the weekend options?

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Capernwray students just after end of day classes in Bible Studies.

Review this section for in-depth answers to questions almost everyone has about the Bible School.

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Bible School students involved in a curriculum entirely dedicated to Christian education.

The schedule for the week covers a broad variety of lectures, seminars, worship, and special activities.

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